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Wonder Pupil Kid

Looking at this three and a half year old boy who has just entered the school, people wonder how come such a small brain could hold so much.

His capabilities are just amazing and unbelievable. The abilities of the tiny brain range from the chanting of Kanagadhara slogam, by-heart, to computer painting using the paint brush software.

R.V. Adith, son of R. Velmurugan and Meenakshi born on September 16, 1998 was just like any other ordinary child till he was 18 months old. His talents came to light when he was in the cradle itself.

What was initially dismissed off as something rattled or blabbered by a child attempting to speak was later found to be an effort by the child to chant the Kanagadhara slogam.

The baffled parents on introspection realised that the child had inherited the same from his mother who regularly chanted the slogam during pregnancy and even during the post-natal period.

Computer savvy.

The abilities of the boy in pre-KG at Pollachi seemed to be wide ranging. Not merely chanting of slogams it included identifying the flags of 189 countries and naming their capitals. At a function organised for felicitating the child, the boy was tested by the organisers who wanted to see if he was trained to identify only in a serial order. Perhaps the skill could be merely an exercise of memorising, they thought.

They shuffled the cards and grilled the child with questions. Flabbergast were the organisers when Adith proved his mettle by identifying the countries and the capital without taking any time to recollect.

In addition to this, he can tell you the names of all the sixty Tamil years by-heart besides identifying flowers and fruits, nearly 100 leaders both national and international besides historic places.

Like any other child, he has a fantasy for motor vehicles, but, he is one step ahead. He can identify and give you the exact brand of the latest cars. Anything known and seen once gets registered in his brain automatically. The child can identify and name the latest communication gadgets like cellular telephone, computer, teleprinter, fax and modem. Apart from his mother tongue, Tamil, he is able to understand and speak English. Kannada from those living on the premises, he has started learning Hindi from his mother. His desire for learning and knowing things seems to be unending, for chess is his latest favourite.

The child is invited to exhibit his distinctive talents at any function that is organised in the district. Chemistry can be an aversion for many, but it is yet another play for Adith. He is familiar with the equations and formulas for various metals besides its abbreviations.

Not merely going by talents, his parents took him for a test on his IQ in a leading hospital in Coimbatore. The doctors said that an IQ level of 120 was considered superior but the boy had an IQ level of nearly 189. The doctors conducted seguine form board test when the boy was just nearing three and said that though the physical age was only three, the boy's mental age was that of a four year old child. For the nomination sent by his parents, the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records have acknowledged to confirm the claim with the help of the research departments.

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