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Indian Wonder Kid wants Bill Gates out of the game

We are all guilty. Incapable, insane, inept and impractical in believing that success is unachievable. That it cannot elude for long if one is determined to accomplish it is proved by Kuval Sanam Chintala, a 11-year-old computer whizz-kid who has done the country proud.

While others of his age spend most of their time complaining about their hectic schedule, Kuval has chosen to dispel the belief by equipping himself with the prestigious A+Certification online examination in hardware technology conducted by the US-based Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Modesty personified

The fact that he is the youngest to pass the test across the country has not gone into his head.

His modesty reflects in his choice to stay calm even while keeping his spirits high while talking to the media that has been chasing the boy ever since his achievement.

A student of Nalanda Vidya Niketan, Kuval is the only child of C. Siva Kumar, who himself has his fingers in many pies, and Jhansi, a housewife.

BDPS manager Hari, who trained the boy, pointed out that he hesitated to accept Mater Sanam as his student.

"There is spark in the boy. He will become a big asset for the computer world. He will bring many more laurels," Mr. Hari said.

Kuval intends to further ignite his inquisitive instinct by preparing for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Unperturbed by initial fears, he let his heart rule his head and decided to go ahead with the examination.

His strong wish to be in complete charge of his life has seen him through the whole exercise with flying colours. Candidates aspiring for the certificate have to pass two online tests within a gap of 90 days.

Potter fan

When free, Kuval likes reading books. He loves burying himself in all the three volumes of Harry Potter. "I got the books from my school library and thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience of being transformed into the magic world of Harry Potter," he says with excitement. Ask him if he likes playing, he is quick to reply: "Why doing something simply because others of my age enjoy doing so. I want to deviate from a routine option that fails to challenge my mind," he says as a matter of fact.

Kuval has mastered the mantra that brings clarity of thought and concentration at a very young age. Achievement and success for him mean being in a position to realise the potential one has been gifted with.

"I knew from day one of joining the four-month course that passing the exam would be a cakewalk," he says, with a twinkle in his eyes.

It's a joy permeating deep inside and reflecting in the glow on his face.

Not ready to let his son's exceptional skills go waste, Siva Kumar has plans to further groom the boy. "Unlike what one would like to believe, there has been no grinding regimen for him.

He kept himself glued to the computer for most part of the four months. Since he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, I did not disturb him," he says with pride.

A joyful Master Sanam kept dangling the colourful pack that contained `VB.net' certification he got from Microsoft.

He would show people the signature of Bill Gates on the certificate. He received Microsoft badge and ID cards.

"With the help of these, I can visit any Microsoft office. I visited Hyderabad office several times," said the kid with a beaming smile.

Ask Kuval his ultimate wish. "Bill Gates would be no match to my calibre in the days to come," says the boy with conviction.

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Anonim tha...

Please call Trinath Uncle imediately.Thanks

Anonim tha...

hiiii dis is usha.(adithya sir's tution mate).remembered me? hats off kuval.ur great.i'm very thank full if u read dis.

Anonim tha...

great kuwal how abt nata

What Is Life?? tha...

hey ....met recently glad to know something more about you dear .....it would be a pleasure to meet your proud Mom too. See you soon.

Meeta Shah

Pratik tha...

you are very graet boy ! nice. do your best ! best of luck for your future!

Pratik tha...

from- b.c. thakur . panvel.

Murali Chowdary tha...

grtt kuwal you will be a rockkk

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