e hënë, 18 qershor 2007

Wonder Soccer Kid

The boy is Nikon Jevtic. He's from Serbia and only 10 and supposed to be the miracle child of football.
Nikon Jevtic has signed a contract with the Spanish team Valencia!
This still very young football player is considered as one of the biggest talents of his age in the whole world. Valencia isn’t the first big team in Europe where Nikon plays for. Before his move to Valencia he already played for Arsenal, VfB Stuttgart and Austria Wien.

Another quality of Nikon is the 3 languages he already knows at this young age, and that without going to school. The Jevtic family moved to Great-Britain in 1987 because of the war in Yugoslavia and it was in those times that his older sister, Milly, taught him English.

When Alex Ferguson (Manchester Utd) saw a movie of Nikon Jevtic he was very impressed, Nikon could already cope with crosses of 70 metres and he could bang in one corner after another without hitting something else but the nets!

After a while his father had to move to Germany for his work and so did the Jevtic family. Nikon joined VfB Stuttgart where he learned the German language, and later on he moved to the youth academy of Austria Wien. He played many many great matches, and even against the German (under 18) national team he managed to score 6 goals! Of course it didn’t take to long before the big clubs where knocking on the door. It’s said that Valencia paid a large sum for him, but the exact amount isn’t clear.

Also media interaction isn’t a big deal for Nikon, he already practised on his signature and he has the nickname 'El Maestro'. He also has a personal trainer, his 22 years old brother Nestor (who’s an excellent football player himself) and a manager.

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